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  • Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders

    Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history.

  • Radiotopia


    Radiotopia from @prx is a curated network of extraordinary, cutting-edge shows. We empower producers to do their best work, grow audience and support themselves

  • Usman Haque

    Usman Haque

    Founding partner/creative director @Umbrellium • @Thingful • working on engaging cities • haque.co.uk

  • andie fox

    andie fox

    Feminist economist and writer, sometimes, at Daily Life & sometimes heard on ABC (Australia) radio.

  • Renee Shenton

    Renee Shenton

    Head of Community — Breakout Ventures

  • Institute For The Future

    Institute For The Future

    Institute for the Future | nonprofit with 53 years of foresight research #EquitableFutures #StrategicForesight #UniversalBasicAssets #FuturesThinking

  • Mimi Ito

    Mimi Ito

    writer, anthropologist, connoisseur of geek culture and learning, co-founder of @connectedcamps

  • Natalie Jeremijenko

    Natalie Jeremijenko

    #NYC #xClinic

  • Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson

    Head of TED. Dreamer. Most days an optimist. TED = free talks on the web in Technology, Entertainment, Design & ideas worth spreading. www.ted.com

  • Abigail De Kosnik

    Abigail De Kosnik

    Associate Professor, UC Berkeley

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