• LocalMusicVibe.com


    Live music listings worldwide by location posted by bands/venues | 30+ Local FB pages/Twitter feeds http://localmusicvibe.com/follow | Mobile: http://musicvi.be

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

  • Jan Zheng

    Jan Zheng

    is a UX designer & prototype developer. Helps startups, and builds projects like the http://phage.directory and http://novelmonkey.com

  • bjoern hartmann

    bjoern hartmann

    Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley EECS

  • Benjamin Joffe

    Benjamin Joffe

    Partner @ SOSV — Deep Tech VC w/ $1B AUM | Digital Naturalist | Keynote Speaker | Angel Investor | Mediocre chess player, worse at Jiu-jitsu

  • Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn

  • Scott Snibbe

    Scott Snibbe

    Scott Snibbe, a digital artist, meditation instructor, and augmented reality entrepreneur, is the host of the Skeptics Path to Enlightenment podcast.

  • Michael Gubbels

    Michael Gubbels

    Founder of Computer Camp. Previously, HCI researcher at the UMD, Assistant Creative Director at KID Museum, Founder of @bitcmp, Collider, UX Research at Google.

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